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When it comes to creating thick, green lawns or keeping pests out of your yard, you can depend on Green Thumb Lawn Services.  Our professional programs and experienced technicians will give you a lawn your whole family will enjoy.  And, since we’re a local company, we can take the time to get to know your and your individual preferences.   You can depend on us to deliver what your lawn and landscape really needs…when it needs it…all season long.

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Our professional services will keep your lawn and landscape looking it’s best!  When it comes to pests we’ve got you covered as well!

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Looking for that picture perfect lawn & landscape?

We can help!  We are a locally owned lawn and landscape pest control company.  We will help you address your concerns about your lawn, the environment and how to deal with issues effectively and responsibly.  More than fertilizer treatments, Green Thumb Lawn Service is your local solution to turf damaging, insects, fungus problems, dealing with fleas & ticks, preventing pests from entering your structures and much, much more.  When mother nature decides to change things up, you’ll be ready with our professional lawn care technicians to diagnose, recommend and treat for any problems that may arise.  There are many weeds, insects & fungus out there that require a special targeted approach and you now have the tool set do deal with them.

What our customers are saying!

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

A couple of years ago I decided to look for ways to cut costs around the house. I had been a Green Thumb customer for a long time, and my lawn was in great shape. I’m a handy guy, so I thought I could maintain it myself. I bought a spreader (which never worked right) and put down some lime and fertilizer. Big mistake. By the next year, the weeds were everywhere and the grass was getting very patchy. Skunks were digging holes all over the place to get at the delicious grubs below! Even my wife couldn’t believe the difference that a year or so made in our yard. Needless to say we are back with Green Thumb, and the lawn is as beautiful as ever! (Except for the little area where we tie Daisy the beagle out, but that’s another story.

Lincoln, Maine
Paul Hines


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We believe in knowledge!  That’s why we employ our team year round.

We are a seasonal company and when it comes to hiring, we employ talented and dedicated individuals and keep them year after year.  We feel it’s important to maintain a relationship with you that you normally wouldn’t get with any other company in our area.  Best of all the service is automatic.  Once you sign up for any of our services, you can rest assured they will be performed on time year after year.  We’ll even setup auto billing, so you never have to worry about missing another payment.  It’s truly a worry free service that we’re confident you’ll be happy with and will want to continue with year after year.

I am submitting this testimonial for my mother as she is 94. She wanted you to know that her lawn hasn’t looked this good in years. She has no dandelions or weeds. She is thrilled! The lawn is bright green and looks very healthy. Thank you so much for helping my mom, she is Very Pleased. Thank you again.

Millinocket, Maine
Elizabeth Tibbitts

From the day we first met Mike and every day since, we have been so pleased with Green Thumb Lawn Service. It’s a relief to not worry about our lawn – we know that if problems arise, they will be taken care of in a timely and professional manner. The very best part (and my reason for writing today) are the people behind the service. When we have questions or concerns, every Green Thumb employee is willing and able to answer our questions in a friendly and respectful manner. Do you know how special that is? Our sincere thanks for your products, your service, and most of all your people.

Bangor, Maine
David and Lee Hodgins

My husband is very particular about our lawn and he would go to Lowes or Home Depot to buy the products to treat the lawn. We found that when we looked into Green Thumb that it costs about the same and we don’t have to do the work. They apply the products needed 4 times a year and the lawn looks great. The same amount of money for less of our time is worth it and then some. Thanks Green Thumb!

Lorraine Klug

Since 1984

At Green Thumb, we’re serious about producing lawns and landscapes that stay thick, green and healthy all year long.  We care about the results we deliver and we care about our customers’ satisfaction.   In fact, we’ve been caring for lawns in Maine since 1984.  We are a small family business, we’ve learned what it takes to produce the very best lawns in our region.  That’s why so many of your neighbors have come to rely on our professional approach and personal service.  We hope you’ll decide to trust Green Thumb to deliver great results for you , too.

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