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When it comes to creating thick, green lawns or keeping pests out of your yard, you can depend on Green Thumb Lawn Services.  Our professional programs and experienced technicians will give you a lawn your whole family will enjoy.  And, since we’re a local company, we can take the time to get to know you and your individual preferences.   You can depend on us to deliver what your lawn and landscape really needs…when it needs it…all season long.
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Looking For Picture Perfect Lawn Care and Landscaping in Brewer Maine?

We can help!  We are a locally owned lawn and landscape pest control company located in Brewer, ME.  We will help you address your concerns about your lawn, the environment and how to deal with issues effectively and responsibly. More than fertilizer treatments, Green Thumb Lawn Service is your local Brewer and Bangor Maine solution to turf damaging, insects, fungus problems, dealing with fleas & ticks, preventing pests from entering your structures and much, much more.  When mother nature decides to change things up, you’ll be ready with our professional lawn care technicians to diagnose, recommend and treat for any problems that may arise.  There are many weeds, insects & fungus out there that require a special targeted approach and you now have the tool set do deal with them.

Need Lawn Service or Pest Control in Bangor Maine?

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Scheduled Weed & Feed Visits

Our core Weed & Feed program consists of regularly scheduled visits to spoon feed your lawn all summer long while managing weeds and giving your lawn the lush green weed free appearance your looking for

Soil Amendments

Maine soils are tough!  We have the assets to adjust pH and correct soil deficiencies that can hinder your lawns potential.  Clay soils can suffocate the roots of your grass.  Keep your soils in check with our sometimes necessary amendments.

Lawn Pest Management

From subsurface pests like Grubs to surface feeding pests like Chinchbugs, Ants, Fleas, Ticks & More.  We can provide services that will protect your lawn and keep it looking great all summer long!

Vegetation Management

When it comes to commercial properties, unwanted vegetation is not always welcome.  Safety is the main reason commercial properties hire us to keep weeds and unwanted growth from their buildings and structures.  Propane tanks, stone walks, drip lines, dirt walks and roads and more are just some of the “bare-ground” areas we service.

Landscape Pest Control

Pest control services to keep the bugs where they belong…OUTSIDE!  Perimeter treatments for your home, Tick control, Mosquito control and many other services that will keep the bugs from bugging you!

Fungus Management

Weather conditions change frequently and rapidly in Maine.  With high humidity levels fungus blooms and can hinder your turfgrass when conditions are right.  Diagnosis is the first step in correcting these problems.  We have the technicians and products to deal with many of these issues.

Let our customers do the talking!

Our goal is to provide the best service possible.  We are looking for the WOW factor!  Sometimes our sales pitch isn’t quite enough.  For that we regularly ask our customers to review the services we are providing them.  Below are the most recent reviews we’ve received.  Good or bad we are posting them here for you.

My lawn looks burnt! Is it? Or is it something else?

We have been receiving many calls over the past week or two of concerns that lawns are turning brown in sections and appear to be burnt! While the first assumption would be because of an application made, experience can usually lead to a different reason. These are...

When to make the final cut?

Looking ahead at the forecast, it appears that we will stay fairly warm in November.  This should be a red flag as it relates to your mowing practices.  Just because winter is arriving (faster than we may like) doesn't mean you should stop thinking about your lawns...

The secret to a green lawn during the summer

To some the answer is obvious, to others the thought may not have occurred.  Each season our green spaces are faced with threats from many different directions.  Fungus & insects are probably the most prominent.  In order for plants to grow and pass nutrients, they...

Dead tire tracks on lawn? Could be Ascochyta…

We get many calls each year about burns or tire tracks on the lawn on the lawn and usually it's us or the mowing company who are the first to get blamed.  Unfortunately, we are in most cases not at fault for these issues.  You can be assured that as soon as the...

Summer is here! Please pay attention to your turfgrass!

Based off the weather forecast for the next 10 days, we are in for some warm weather.  This is great for cookouts and outdoor activities and it's certainly welcome based off the winter we had.  However, managing turfgrass brings new challenges to our area. Lawns need...

Spring Clean up time? Not so fast!

The snow is receding finally!  Did you know that Bangor is within the top 3 cities & towns in the country to receive the largest amount of snowfall this last winter?!! After what we just went through, I'm sure all of you are feeling the fever to get outside and get...

Improvements to your account for 2015

What a winter it has been!  We all were certainly busy this winter dealing with all of this snow.  Needless to say, we were still going through our normal off season to-do's.  Part of the winter hustle was transitioning into a new software.  In order to provide you...

We’re hiring! Like to work outside?

Green Thumb Lawn Service is Central Maine's oldest and largest professional lawn care company. We have experienced steady growth over the past few years despite the hard economic times. We are a small family friendly based company who cares for our employees who work...

What are Chinchbugs

The above lawn is stressed from Chinchbug damage.  This is a lawn that receives regular fertilization and the customer called wondering why their efforts are not improving their lawns overall looks.  This is a prime example why we recommend folks sign up for our Magic...

Florida Vacation Winner Announced!!! – Congratulations, Michelle!!!

Unfortunately, not everyone had received the signup form, so we delayed the drawing by a few weeks!  However, we are happy to announce that MIchelle Warhola from Bangor has won!!! Congratulations Michelle!! Thank you everyone who signed up and filled out the feedback...

We believe in lawn care knowledge!  That’s why we employ our team year round!

We are a seasonal Bangor Maine lawn care company and when it comes to hiring, we employ talented and dedicated individuals and keep them year after year. We feel it’s important to maintain a relationship with you that you normally wouldn’t get with any other company in our area.  Best of all the service is automatic. Once you sign up for any of our services, you can rest assured they will be performed on time year after year. We’ll even setup auto billing, so you never have to worry about missing another payment. It’s truly a worry free service that we’re confident you’ll be happy with and will want to continue with year after year.

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Lawn Service Since 1984

At Green Thumb, we’re serious about producing lawns and landscapes that stay thick, green and healthy all year long.  We care about the results we deliver and we care about our customers’ satisfaction.   In fact, we’ve been caring for lawns in Maine since 1984.  We are a small family business, we’ve learned what it takes to produce the very best lawns in our region.  That’s why so many of your neighbors have come to rely on our professional approach and personal service.  We hope you’ll decide to trust Green Thumb to deliver great results for you , too.

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