Simple... Customized Lawn Care Programs

After we visit your property, we’ll make recommendations to you as to what we feel is the best approach to meet your goals.  Basic fertility is the foundation of every healthy lawn.  Weeds, insects, fungus, animals, foot traffic are just some of the issues your lawn can face in the run of a season.  We have many services we provide that can help bring your lawn out of a poor situation. If you are just looking for basic weed & feed… We can provide that.  But if you are looking to protect your investment, then we’ll make those recommendations to you as well.

Trained technicians

Our technicians undergo training each year and are licensed by the State of Maine.  When your lawn has issues or you have questions you will have someone who can properly diagnose and recommend corrective action.  With each visit they will monitor your lawns health and alert you of any issues.

Professional Products

We only use tested professional grade products on your lawn.  Since we are not a franchise we aren’t bound by their cookie cutter restrictions.  We have access to the latest and greatest materials that you can’t get at your local big box store.

Free Service Calls

If you have a question or concern all it takes is a call or email to our offices and we will dispatch a technician to visit and discuss any issues you may have.  Service calls are always free to you!

Weed Management

A thick healthy turf stand is the best weed control.  Spoon feeding your lawn all season is how you create a thick and healthy lawn.  However, when broad leaf weeds to pop up we will manage them so they aren’t competing with your lawn.  We manage these weeds as necessary with each visit.

Surface Insects

Surface feeding insects can cause serious issues to a lawn that is under stress.  Summer heat is generally the most active time of season for these pests to cause harm to your lawn.  We will monitor your lawn and make recommendations if treatment is needed.  Upon initial inspection preventative treatments may be recommended for your situation.

Fungus Management

Fungi is in every lawn.  Under the right conditions it can brake out and cause serious damage to the health of your lawn.  We will monitor your lawn for fungus with each visit and make recommendations as necessary.  Environmental conditions are generally why this can become a problem.

Grub Management

Lawn enemy #1!  These pests destroy lawns from below the soil surface.  They feed on root systems and cause irreparable damage.  Each female can lay enough eggs to destroy a 15′ radius of damage!  Prevention is the only control method we have.  Our technicians will recommend this to you if its warranted.

Soil Compaction

Athletic fields, walk paths, heavily used turf areas can have compacted soils.  Soil compaction prevents roots from reaching their full potential.  It weakens turf and causes many other side effects.  If your soils are compacted your technician will recommend core aeration as it is an important annual cultural practice.

Soil Amendments

Poor pH levels, compacted soils and lack of organic matter in your soils are just some of the issues that can threaten your lawns long term health.  We deal with many of these issues and will recommend adjustments as necessary to you when they are warranted.

Scheduled & On Time

Once your program is designed we schedule it and deliver it on time year after year.  It’s truly a worry free service.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Once you sign up with Green Thumb Lawn Service, you are protected by our 100% guarantee of satisfaction!  This means if at any time you are unsatisfied with any of the results you receive, we’ll do whatever it takes to fix the problem. We are 100% committed to making you happy with our service. All that matters is your 100% satisfaction.  If at any time you feel unhappy, all it takes is a call or email and we’ll be out to your property to discuss what is going on and quickly develop a solution to the problem to get things back on track!

Tips, Alerts & More!

Once your account is activated & we begin services, we’ll send you tips, alerts & other important notifications.  It is important to educate you on our services and what you need to do to keep your lawn and landscape in the best condition for years to come.

The Magic Carpet Program

This is our most basic core program.  We will construct any customized plan off this 4 round service package.  With this basic package we will visit your site 4 times per season, at the right time of season and treat for any broad leaf weeds. If there are no weeds we’ll treat at the next visit if necessary.   With each visit we will apply our professional grade, balanced, slow release turf fertilizer to spoon feed your lawn all summer long.  This will keep the lawn green and actively growing.  It allows the plants to “BUILD” food storage reserves.  All lawns need food and this is why our core program has 4 treatments.  When you feed your lawn all season it will continue to push root growth.  When you have continual root growth you will have a lawn that will get thicker and thicker in time.  When you have a thick dense turf stand, you have a lawn that will “NATURALLY” defend weeds, insects & other pests far better.  One treatment in the spring and one in the fall only will give you a flush of color and still keep it vulnerable to attacks.  A “true” seasonal lawn care program will feed your lawn all summer long.

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