Surface Insect Control


You’d be amazed at what some insects can do to your lawn.  With regular inspections as part of our customized programs, we can control lawn insects before they have a chance to inflict any long-term damage.

Surface feeders can be your biggest enemy

In and around the home, ants, flies and mosquitoes are considered the “pestiest” of pests, because of the way they can spoil activities like back yard cook outs.

But remember, a lawn–especially one that’s been weakened by hot summer weather can easily fall prey to insect problems that are unique to lawns. And it would be a mistake to underestimate the damage your lawn can sustain from insect pests.

Tiny insects are hard to detect and they can cause brown spots and other damage to your lawn before you know it. Their eggs are near microscopic in size and the different stages of insect growth make it confusing to know what products to use and when to use them.

Plan ahead and protect your lawn, home, children & pets!
You literally wouldn’t wish fleas & ticks on a dog. Yet environmental conditions, proximity to woods and open fields and wildlife and pests (yours or your neighbor’s) near your home can lead to an infestation of these pesky and potentially harmful critters. The good news is that our professional treatment service will help rid your lawn of fleas and ticks. Protect your home from these insects.

Other stress factors you should know…
Don’t forget: your lawn can also be trying to deal with a variety of summer stress factors, such as weeds, heat, heavy traffic or drought. The answer is to keep your lawn well-fed while you defend it against insects.

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