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Back yard barbecues, Weddings, School yards and many more situations can warrant control.  Mosquitoes, Fleas & Ticks are pests that can carry disease.  Don’t allow your children & pets to become victim of these unwanted pests.  Our pest control services will protect your landscape and grounds from these pests with NO ODOR!  Learn more below.

About Ticks

Two of the more worrisome ticks found in North America are the American dog tick and the deer tick.

The American dog tick feeds on a variety of warmblooded animals, including dogs and humans. It has been known to transmit Rocky Mountain spotted fever and other diseases from animals to people, and can even cause paralysis in children.

The deer tick is much smaller than the American dog tick (slightly larger than a pin head), and is responsible for the spread of Lyme disease among humans. Lyme disease can be carried by mice, dogs, cats, raccoon’s and squirrels. Deere ticks pick the disease up from these carriers and transmit it to people with their bites. Research shows that most bites occur in people’s own lawns.

Symptoms of Lyme disease include a bulls eye shaped rash, headaches, fever, chills, nausea, fatigue, muscle and joint pain, and swollen glands. In later stages of the disease, arthritis, nerve or heart disorders, meningitis, encephalitis and facial paralysis can occur. Properties located next to heavily wooded areas, and those with an abundance of trees and shrubs in the landscape, are especially prone to tick infestation.

We can help to keep ticks out of your yard with our professional treatments, paying special attention to your lawn and any shrubbery. We’ll be happy to provide an inspection of your property to determine the best strategy for keeping ticks out of your yard.

Flea & Tick Control Program

We’ll first first your property to get a sense of your your landscape.  After pin pointing the sensitive areas of your site we will develop a treatment plan that will give you and your family maximum protection. After we generate a plan and have your approval, we’ll visit your property and maintain a barrier on your turf and into tall grass as necessary, up to 4 times during the season. This service designed to combat the growing problems with Ticks in Maine.

Fleas will also be controlled with this service program providing your children, yourself and your pets a season long protection.  Each visit will be spaced approximately 35 – 55 days apart.  There is no odor and extremely successful in controlling ticks in your yard.

Don’t take our word for it.

Here are some of our customers that have voiced their opinions about our pest management solutions.

★★★★★ After treating for the ticks in the woods close to the manicured lawn, we had no more ticks on the children.  I highly recommend this treatment.

Amy & Bernie Gaff



Dee & Janet Nichols



Jeff Brochu


★★★★★ Fantastic professional company who are eager to please. Their treatment of our grounds against mosquito’s was exceptional and non invasive. Cannot recommend enough

David Varley



Jen Swazey


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