It’s the classic catch 22. You want a nice lawn, but have too much shade to grow bluegrass. You like your shade, so cutting trees down is out of the question.
In most cases, growing grass in the shade is possible with proper care. Start with the correct varieties of grass. Most types of blue grass will not grow in the shade. You must over seed shady lawn areas with a mix of fine fescues and shade-tolerant varieties of bluegrass. Fine fescues do not form sod. Each seed will produce one grass plant; therefore they are not as hardy as bluegrass and will not recover from heavy stress (traffic) or other environmental problems. To maintain a good stand of turf in the shade, the arborist sydney recommend the following:

1. Over seed each season. Seeding should be done with a shady lawn mix in the spring before the leaves are on the trees. Leaves will block sunlight from the new seedlings.
2. Keep the canopy of trees trimmed as high as possible to let in sunlight. 8′ is ideal to allow sunlight in depending upon the width of the canopy.

3. In dry conditions, keep areas under trees watered. The grass is competing with the trees for moisture and don’t forget about trimming,  we recommend hiring a professional who provides tree branch cutting services palm harbor fl for this. 

4. Areas that do not receive three hours of sunlight per day may be too shady to grow grass. These areas should be landscaped to hold the soil and eliminate unsightly problem areas in your lawn.

If you have problems growing grass in shady areas, please call the These are great tree surgeons in Bedfordshire who treats your lawn. Your specialist will be happy to analyze the situation and make the proper recommendations for your lawn.