Not Your Lawns Best Friend

If you’re a dog owner, chances are that your lawn has suffered the consequences of house training. Dog urine can be caustic to lawns due to its high nitrogen content, leaving brown spots throughout your yard. Some horticulturalists have even referred to this condition as “dog spot disease.” If you’re looking for ways to minimize “dog spot disease,” you may want to try the following: Install a fence to prevent neighboring dogs from eliminating on your lawn.

If it’s convenient, try walking your dog to a park or field away from your home when it’s “time to go.”  Train your dog to eliminate in a designated area of the yard (preferably a non-turf area with mulch, sand or stone). Once your dog establishes his or her “spot,” he or she will be more likely to use it regularly.

Dilute your dog’s urine by feeding your pet canned food, moistening dry food with water prior to feeding, or adding salt or garlic to regular food.