What risk do my children and pets face after a weed control product has been applied?

Please follow your Green Thumb Professional’s written instructions and remain off a treated lawn until it has dried or as an extra precaution, for 24 hours. This will reduce the potential for contact with the material to practically nothing. When the material is applied to a lawn, it dries very quickly to the target area. Once the product has dried to the surface of plants, it becomes practically impossible to remove any residues from the surfaces. Dislodgeable residue studies that were performed on commonly used weed control materials at the University of Guelph concluded that only 6% of applied material could be removed by vigorous scuffling with a cheesecloth immediately after an application to a turfgrass area. Casual bystanders that are observers to applications should not be concerned for their safety. Bystander exposure studies also performed at the University of Guelph revealed no detectable levels of pesticide residues in homeowners that were casual observers to applications. These products contain carbon which stimulates healthy microbial activity in your lawn.

Green Thumb Lawn Technicians are continually trained and licensed by the State of Maine to look after your lawn and ensure that the products are handled with the highest regard for safety. Their help eliminates the need for you to apply and store products yourself where there is some risk of exposure. Green Thumb professionals are horticulture experts who make their living working in harmony with mother nature. They could lose their license if they were not highly committed to performing treatments only where needed and with the highest regard for safety.