Giving back to your lawn

Grasscycling, or returning grass clippings to the lawn, is a great way to provide your turf with valuable nutrients in the form of organic matter. you don’t want to go overboard, through. Proper grasscycling requires that you mow often enough so that no more than 1/3 of the grass blade is removed each time. A sharp mower blade is important too, and you should only mow when the grass is dry. Wet grass clumps up on turf and has a harder time filtering through the soil to add nutrients to it.
A mulching mower makes grasscycling easy by chopping grass clippings into fine pieces for easier breakdown. However, a standard mower will work just as well if you follow the “1/3 rule.”
Proper grasscycling will lead to improved soil fertility and water-holding capacity. In the long run, you’ll be rewarded with a lawn that requires less time and money spend on fertilizer and water!

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