Taking control of lawn traffic

When lawns are subjected to ongoing foot traffic, leaves, stems and crowns can be crushed from continued, direct pressure on grass plants.  Soil compaction is also common in these situations, making it harder for roots to expand and limiting the flow of air, water and nutrients to the root zone.  Where foot traffic is excessive (such as when a path between two points in a yard is constantly used), thinning of turf and death of grass plants is inevitable.


The last thing you want in your lawn is an ugly trail of bare soil where healthy grass used to be.  In places where excessive foot traffic is unavoidable, walkways can relieve pressure on your lawn while enhancing both the looks and functionality of your property.

With gentile curves and subtle changes in direction, walkways can easily guide traffic and help to create a more attractive and interesting setting.  Ornamental plants, hedges and shrubs can be installed alongside walkways for added visual appeal, You can buy hedging online here in the UK and to help tie them into the existing landscape.  Wherever possible, wider walkways (48″ to 60″ wide) work best since they can accommodate two people walking side by side.

Remember, no turf can accommodate continuous trampling and still remain healthy.  If you need to take control of foot traffic on your property, walkways are a practical solution.


  1. Jim

    Great idea! Thanks.

  2. randy

    I hadn’t thought of that! Thanks for the info!


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