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We’ve noticed only a few cases of chinch bugs this year but that doesn’t mean all is well. Chinch bugs by now are well into their 2nd generation and if they are in your turf-grass the population will only increase as the season goes on. Since we’ve experienced such a drought its been hard to notice damage to turf-grass from insects. Usually, we can tell, if the turf is fairly moist the areas that are being damaged. Now is the time you may see your lawn care technician on their hands and knees looking at your lawn. What they will be looking for are fungus and insects. There are several methods you can use to determine if you have Chinch bugs. The best method we know of is just getting down and staring at the ground looking for movement. When we find movement, our job is to then determine if it is, in fact, a chinch bug. If not, then there is usually no concern. There are many insects that live in turf-grass but only certain species are damaging. WE’LL LET YOU KNOW!


There has been much concern this year about the grub population. We saw many lawns damaged this spring from the overwintering grubs of last year. Most of them were European Chaffers. We didn’t see much of Japanese Beetle larvae, however, that doesn’t mean we won’t have a large egg lay this year. Compared to last year, the number of grub incidents of Japanese Beetles we saw was increased. Since the last two winters were mild, we feel that there may be an increased egg-lay this year. That means that damage this fall and next spring could be dramatic if you don’t already have a preventive grub control on your service schedule.

Dr. Pat Vittum from the University Of Mass. has been telling us that there seems to be a correlation with the moisture levels in the soil and egg-lay. This means beetles will actually wait until moisture levels return in the soil before they lay their eggs. If you have well-irrigated soil and you do not have a grub control then they may have already laid eggs in your turf-grass. However, if you are like most of us who tend to wait for Mother Nature to provide the rain, then you could be in the clear for another week or so. We are expected to get some rain this week and hopefully, we do! As soon as the turf-grass can begin growing again, we’ll still have a good window for grub control treatments.

Related services to consider

Sub Surface Insect Control – There is still time to get treatment if you haven’t one on your schedule. We strongly recommend this service as European Chaffers has exploded in our area. Japanese beetles haven’t been much of a problem the last 2 years, but that has been offset by the European Chaffer populations.

Surface Insect Control – Chinch bugs, Sod Webworm, Cutworms, Leafhoppers, Green Bugs, Ants & more can cause problems with your lawn. Fleas & Ticks are all insects we can do without. Protect your turf-grass from these damaging insects with our Surface Insect Control.


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    I assume you are taking care me,
    Irving Paulo

    • Jeremy Legasse

      Yes Paul,

      Your account has a Grub Control scheduled as well as the surface feeding insect control. You are protected. Your technician will still be monitoring your lawn for other issues.

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