A few of our lawn care secrets..

There are many claims out there that “All lawn care companies are the same” or “Another lawn care company uses better products” or “Franchise businesses are always better”.  Our customers have found that this isn’t the case with Green Thumb Lawn Service. There are many other reasons as well.   We’ve decided to list below the a few reasons our customers sign up with us and stay with us!

We have been in the business of professional lawn care & pest control now for over 28 YEARS!!!!  We’ve witnessed other companies come and go.  We’ve actually purchased some of them.  We’ve seen customers of ours leave for various reasons only to see them return to us and stay with us.  Most importantly, we’ve watched our business grow by happy customers telling thier friends and family.  Here are some of top things people talk about when discussing Green Thumb.

Less chemicals

Using chemicals is always a last resort when it comes to solving problems with a lawn.  We are always looking to reduce the amount of controls we use.   If it is cost effective for the customer and it works!  Using nematodes to control Grubs is a great idea.  However, if you are looking to control European Chaffers, you can forget it!  It doesn’t work!  Not to mention the microscopic organisms called nematodes don’t survive well in our climate, they have to be applied with caution and under proper weather conditions.  In addition, your goal is to increase the population of these organisms in your lawn to the point they will actually control the grubs.

We have recently switched our grub control to a new product that doesn’t even have the word “caution” on the label.  Try to find cleaning products under your kitchen sink that do not have the word “caution” on them.   Our goal when using the products we use is education and most importantly “common sense”!  Integrated Pest Management is how we approach each situation.  It’s goals are to identify the pest first, then seek alternate control methods  and using chemicals as a last resort.  That is why we try to educate our customers with regular tips and correspondence regarding their lawn and landscape.
When it comes to weeds, most lawn care companies use a pre-emergent herbicide to control weeds early in the season and to prevent crabgrass and some other grassy weeds.  It does work, but has mixed results.  There are several issues with applying pre-emergent controls to a lawn.  It has to be put down early in the season.  If it receives heavy rains in the spring it reduces its effectiveness thus making an application a waste.  Correct products, training, experience and technique is vital to the effectiveness of this service.

Customers who sign up for our Magic Carpet program get notifications from their lawn technicians when problems arise.  If they suspect fungus, difficult weeds or even insects that are a threat to your investment, you’ll receive notifications as to what was found and methods you can implement to stop or control the spread using mechanical or cultural controls first.  We’ll also give you the option (if warranted) to control the issue with one of our targeted services.  It’s this approach that we use to keep and retain happy customers.  We are not in the business of blanket spraying lawns if it’s not necessary.  We don’t try to blindly sell you services you don’t need just to make another quota.   We strive to educate our customers on proper mowing and watering techniques.  It is a fact that a properly mowed and watered lawn can achieve better results than a lawn that is blindly treated and improperly mowed.

Full time employees

Since we live in Maine, we are restricted to work in seasons.  Many companies hire temporary employees to treat their lawns.  Many years ago, we made the financial and long term business decision that we will employ our crew year round.  Because of this, we retain the knowledge that each technician learns in the run of a growing season.  It takes many years to learn what produces a healthy lawn that lasts for years to come.  Companies that hire seasonal employees never benefit from this ongoing education.  Their employees are less apt to make recommendations and are less equipped to do so in the first place.  The benefits our employees receive from us help them make the long term decision to stay with us year after year.  This is another reason our customers keep our service year after year.  The attention to detail and timely service our employees are happy to provide.  Knowing they will service the same properties year after year and ability to see the results they help create!Image result for lawn

Keeping a seasonal staff year round is a tough decision to make financially but when it comes to providing top notch service, we spare no expense!  We give our employees the the best equipment to treat lawns in the most efficient manner.  The ability to treat multiple turf issues on the spot is unheard of in the industry.  The investment in our specialized turf equipment that we built ourselves makes our service less expensive and allows us to provide much better results for you.  Our equipment is designed in such a way to reduce fatigue and is calibrated to apply nutrients to our customers lawns as evenly as possible.  As opposed to doing it by hand and risking seasonal employees cutting corners and not getting your monies worth.  You simply get a more even application with our services due to our equipment. There are other benefits we provide our employees like health insurance, 401k and many other things that only caring companies can provide.  We care for our employees so they can care for your investment!

Locally owned & Family operated

We are NOT a franchise and take pride in that!  Franchises in lawn care tend to treat their customers as just another statistic.  We are  a Maine company with local roots.  We care deeply about our customers as they help feed our families!  When we say we will make you happy if you are not, we mean it!!!

Green Thumb Lawn Service was conceived as an idea that has been turned into a force in our state!  From it’s conception as a side business to a local hardware employee, Michael Legasse began building Green Thumb Lawn Service in 1984.  With the help from his family & friends, Green Thumb has been converted from a risky idea into a reality with hard work, devotion and a genuine care for it’s customers.  When problems arise, our customers don’t get passed up the chain to only find that the money they worked hard for has been wasted on a company that only treats them as another customer number.

We care about results

We care about your satisfaction with our service.  We don’t sell cookie cutter programs that fits everyone.  We have 2 core programs that we have developed and if more or a targeted approach is needed we then make those recommendations to our customers with alerts that our technicians leave with your bill and our office follows up on.  Our Magic Carpet program was designed to meet the needs of acid soils in Maine to provide season long spoon feeding and basic weed control.  Usually this is what most folks are looking for.  With the influx of European Chafer grubs and Japanese Beetle grubs having your lawn protected nowadays is a crap shoot that you play with Mother Nature.  You never can tell where beetles will lay their eggs.  If you don’t protect your lawn with a once a year grub control you take a large risk.  The following year you could be reseeding your entire lawn.  In addition to that, Ticks are becoming an increased issue.  Chinchbugs, ants, earwigs, spiders, and several varieties of “worms’ that eat turf grass can plague your lawn as well.  This is why we created our Magic Carpet Gold Program.  It is still the core Magic Carpet 4 step weed & feed with the added protection of sub surface Grub Control and Surface insect control.

Beyond those two programs which are totally A la carte!  We have many additional services we will recommend to you if necessary.  Core Aeration for soil compaction relief, turf thickening, thatch reduction and increased microbial activity.  If fungus breaks out on your lawn, we’ll recommend corrective options to you.  Just like when you get sick, so does your lawn from time to time.  Weather conditions dictate usually when fungus breaks out.  pH correction, Over seeding, shrub protection, vegetation management and home pest control services are just some of the other services we offer our customers when warranted.

We also work with the grass and recycling, which not many do, this is call grasscycling. Great for your lawn, holding moisture, adding nitrogen to the soil and preventing the growth of thatch. This is a way to work with this organic waste, as it decomposes naturally under the right conditions and leaving grass clippings on your lawn fertilizes the grass and reduces the amount of trash that is collected and disposed of, we manage this guidelines for you and your lawn requirement.

With all these services and many more we provide to help correct various issues with turf grass in our state, we make the recommendations to our customers when we see potential for improvements.  Getting paid is important but it’s not the main reason we are in business.  We are in business to provide a valuable service to our customers to make them want to continue with our service year after year, in addition to the pride each employee gets when they see the lawn they treat each year progress.

Thanks for choosing Green Thumb!



    I have at least one busy mole in my yard. Thank you for making my lawn healthy and plentiful with earthworms! Can moles cause damage? What is the best way to get rid of them?
    I appreciate any assistance.

    • Joey Harmon

      put moth balls on your lawn all animals hate the smell drop a few in the holes they have made,yes moles make holes all over your lawn,good luck


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