We’re hiring! Like to work outside?

Green Thumb Lawn Service is Central Maine’s oldest and largest professional lawn care company. We have experienced steady growth over the past few years despite the hard economic times. We are a small family-friendly based company that cares for our employees who work with us. Our employees are “part of our family”. The success of our company lies in the happiness and success of our employees and their families. As an employee of Green Thumb, you can rest assured that you will have a stable income with benefits and plenty of paid time off in the winter months. Since we are seasonal, we have a busy season and a slow season. They balance out always to your favor as it relates to time off. However, when our busy season starts up it can become a lot of hard work. All of our current employees have been with us for many years and find it hard to pass up a relaxed environment with all its benefits…

If you are seeking a job that has hands-on problem solving, physical and technical work, like being outdoors, can provide outstanding customer service, this position is right for you. We are currently seeking individuals to fill this position as a professional lawn care technician. You will undergo training with our lawn care professionals to understand how we provide service and maintain healthy turfgrass. You will be trained on our powered ride-on equipment. You may be required to study for and pass 2 State of Maine exams. You will have a truck and equipment of your own with a GPS device and a smartphone. You will be traveling each day from our offices in Brewer to your own optimized routes within our service area (75 Mile Radius).  You will have Full time work throughout the season. If at the end of the season you prove yourself as a professional and someone who works well with our team, you will be provided a full-time position and employment throughout the winter. Your benefits will increase after 12 months of being with our company.

These benefits can include:

  • Company vehicle and fuel card
  • Paid vacation and plenty of personal time in the winter months
  • Use of our full-service Mechanics bay and other equipment per request
  • Smartphone & IPad for day to day activities
  • Fuel Card & More! Clean driver license required.


  1. Carole Pelkey

    Wondering when we will get out lawn serviced.


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