As an essential business, we’re committed to safety.

As this current situation evolves daily, keeping up to date is crucial. It’s challenging with all of the noise. Our top priority is safety. Given the line of work we are in, we’re naturally predisposed to this. We’ve taken steps to ensure the safety of our employees and our customers. As an essential business, we wanted to inform you of the changes we’ve been making.

  • Sanitization
    • Since our business is in the green industry, having access to specialty products and licenses to use them affords us the ability to sanitize our equipment and work areas quickly and efficiently. We’ve been sanitizing our equipment and facility using CDC guidelines and recommended materials. Treatments to doorknobs, hardware, equipment, and other high touch areas that have occurred in the last few months. Many areas we’re sanitizing daily. Excessive? Perhaps, our goal is to ensure safety.  
    • Our employees already carry safety response kits for emergencies.  
    • We’ll be using hand sanitizers throughout the day while handling paperwork or after touching surfaces outside our company equipment.   
  • PPE – Personal Protective Equipment
    • Facemasks are optional for our employees.
    • Technicians already wear rubber gloves during their daily operations on and off properties. 
    • Safety glasses are worn at all times when handling the materials we use. 
    • Long sleeve shirts, pants, shoes, and socks are also part of our standard attire as required by EPA and, more specifically, label instructions. 
  • Distancing and physical contact
    • This season we will maintain the 6′ rule with all interactions with our employees and our customers. Since our work is outside and within the UV ray spectrum, the specific concerns relating to the lifespan of the COVID-19 are minimized. It will be difficult not shaking hands, but we will be suspending that greeting activity. We hope you can understand. 
    • We will leave a plastic bag, as usual containing a list of services we have performed on your door or where requested with any instructions. We STRONGLY suggest keeping an active email on file as we’ll follow up with additional important communication.  
    • We now provide a pre-notification alert via text message or email or both for free. If you would like to opt-in. Just let us know. 207-989-1433 or
    • We’ve chosen to suspend customer walk in’s at our office for payment and questions. If you need to make a payment, please call or email us and we will process payment over the phone. We maintain PCI compliance.
  • Digital communication
    • Using email minimizes contact. Mail is expensive, and since it’s physical, there is an increased risk. If you need to communicate with us, please call 207-989-1433 or email or use your online portal at to submit a support ticket to us. Look for my account link a the top of the page.
    • Guidelines from the CDC and other safety-related information is communicated to our employees regularly.  
    • Employees who work in our office are working from home currently to be with their families and children.  
    • We’re using video conferencing with our 13+ employees to communicate standards conduct meetings. 

In these challenging times, we want you to know that we are doing everything we can to ensure safety and reduce spread. We wish you the best and want you to be comfortable with our service. As new information surfaces, we are keeping flexible to adjust as new information becomes available.  

We look forward to seeing your properties soon.


  1. Do you do touch up work on lawn as needed.

    Do you do touch up work on lawn as needed.

    • Jeremy Legasse

      It depends upon what you are referring “touch up” work. But we provide free service calls and free estimates.


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