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Our job as a Lawn, Pest, and Vegetation Management company will always be and always has been a SAFETY FIRST approach. Proper training, licensing, and protective equipment for our employees is vital. For our customers, communication, as it relates to instructions on the services we provide and the pests we manage, is just as important.

This new situation is a challenge for all FOR SURE! However, we would like to encourage everyone to try to relax, plan, and protect. Common sense goes a long way when it comes to keeping yourself protected from just about anything in this beautiful world in which we live. As you read through this post, we hope you may gain some better insight and understanding of what Green Thumb Lawn Service is doing and does to protect people and our environment. We feel that we are uniquely placed in our industry to assist in knowledge and service.


People are so focused on the news and scouring the internet for information. There is MUCH misinformation out there, and you must use reliable sources when looking for answers. Scams, fear-mongering, and other despicable acts are everywhere in today’s connected world. Did you know that you get bias information from YouTube? If you didn’t, you should understand that the algorithm used, purposefully finds and suggests similar content based on your watch history. It may not be the best place to seek an “open-minded” perspective. Our primal instincts kick in when in challenging situations. Our “fight or flight” reactions can consume rational thought. Knowing this can allow us to manage frightening situations with creativity rather than emotional reactions.


We are not experts in epidemiology. We can tell you that fungi and infections in plants can spread via physical contact and air movement. We manage this each season as temperatures change, and conditions become favorable towards their growth. Just ask a farmer! It is typical natural behavior in our world. University studies update their knowledge yearly through reviews and trials conducted on specific diseases, plants and management tactics. Conditions change each year and each season. Some properties have more issues than others due to microclimates and environmental changes. Landscapers, homeowners, municipalities, and commercial property owners contact us each year with questions, the most common being: Why is my lawn or landscape looking worse this year? In many cases, it has to do with environmental changes. So, what can be done to prevent fungal infections in plants? Well, that depends on the environment, the plant type, and the goal of the end-user. Reducing the spread, protecting the plant, and ensuring proper health are the primary areas of focus. They all work hand in hand. Sound familiar?

Here are some of the guidelines we follow and encourage: 

  • A facemask for your grass
    • A wound that is jagged and rough is a perfect entry point for any plant fungus or disease. Since we mow our lawns, it’s important to ensure we are making clean cuts. We achieve this by mowing with sharp mower blades. This way, the plant can recover quickly and seal off entry points. We recommend having your mower blades sharpened AT LEAST annually.
  • It’s seasonal. Habits should be adjusted when the environment shifts
    • Increase the frequency of mowing when growing conditions are rapid such as the spring and fall, when rainfall is typically at its peak. By doing this, you can prevent plant shock. Chlorosis or “plant shock” happens when too much of the blade gets removed. Try to stick to the 1/3 rule. Don’t remove more than 1/3rd of the leaf blade with any one mowing. 
  • Good technique is part of preventative care
    • Each time you mow your lawn you’re essentially doing “housekeeping”. Increasing airflow, maintaining consistent sunlight penetration which helps equalize the overall look and growth of your lawn. By increasing airflow, you help “dry out” and prevent any disease and it’s spread. The consistent cut (with sharp blades ;)) allows the sun to penetrate the canopy of the grass this, in turn, allows equalization of UV rays and the overall lawn will grow more consistently. Most importantly, it reduces the likelihood of infection.
  • A multivitamin a day keeps the Dr. away
    • Feeding plants is the same as feeding people and other animals in this world. Complete and consistent meals help natural defense systems work at their peak. Knowing this in the world of plants, our core services for lawns is a proper diet. Containing essential nutrients to maintain health and growth. You can’t expect a plant to grow (and outgrow) its way out of a bad situation without proper nutrients and water.  
  • Proper hydration is essential
    • Water is the carrier in which nutrients move throughout plants. Knowing this, proper hydration is essential. During the summer months, when rainfall slows, so do plants’ ability to grow, maintain color and overall health. Reducing the mowing frequency and excessive foot traffic is critical during this time.  If plants aren’t able to distribute consumed nutrients it’s the ability to fight off disease becomes limited. By reducing mowing during these times, you allow the plant to preserve moisture rather than removing it by mowing frequently.

Since we work and live in the natural world, it seems common sense that these principals would apply to humans as well. When curiosity strikes, we suggest using trustworthy sources for your information. 

Here are a few that may help.

Look for the positive. Here are a few breakthroughs to help foster a positive mindset.

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