Out with the old and in with the new! Some good news…

As the weather has turned, so hasn’t our lawns. A strange year for sure! Just an update here on the progress of some lawns we’ve been visiting.

The good news is the areas that have experienced the Curvularia pathogen (black fungus spores) are the areas you now know need a little extra attention during the hot, dry periods we experience from time to time. Use this opportunity as an indicator of sections of your lawn that require extra attention. Many of the areas we are looking at are recovering, and there is new growth shooting up already! Please understand that if the driest areas of your lawn go too long without water, they may not recover at all. The disease spread we’ve experienced was shocking to many. If your lawn areas do not improve, you now know you need to pay a little closer attention to when it’s hot and dry. A month is generally a little too long. Below are some photos we’ve taken that may give you some relief, confidence, and peace of mind.

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