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Giving back to your lawn

Grasscycling, or returning grass clippings to the lawn, is a great way to provide your turf with valuable nutrients in the form of organic matter. you don't want to go overboard, through. Proper grasscycling requires that you mow often enough so that no more than 1/3...

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Why Pesticides?

Rea-life incidents illustrate the essential role pesticides play in health protection and safety.  The following are some events that demonstrate the benefits of pesticides and why these products need to be available to the public. A Surf City, Calif. family was...

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The Miracle Beneath Your Feet

Don't take the benefits of turf for granted. Even those of us in the industry sometimes forget what a miracle a simple blade of grass is. And, too often, consumers or even employees aren't well-informed about the benefits that a well-maintained stand of turf like a...

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Managing Thatch

Every lawn has some thatch. It is when a lawn has too much thatch that problems occur. Thatch is the layer of living and dead organic material that lies on top of the soil. It is made up of surface roots, stems and crowns of grass plants. Studies have shown that grass...

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Healthy lawns for a healthier environment

With our professional lawn care services, your turf can have a positive impact on the environment. Here are just a few of the environmental benefits of keeping your lawn healthy with our programs of care: Oxygen Production. 625 square feet of grass provides enough...

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What is IPM, and how does it work?

Integrated pest management (IPM) is a continuous system of controlling pests (weeds, diseases, insects or others) in which pests are identified, action thresholds are considered, all possible control options are evaluated and selected control(s) are implemented....

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