The Build Program

The Build Program is a premium program focused on sustainability and treating the plant and the soil as one unit.   Using organic based bio-stimulants and fertilizers we improve almost any soil type into a productive circular environment.  This is good for us and the environment we all share!

Would you like to know when we’re coming?

Knowing when service is going to be performed is a request many of our customers have. When your busy with your day to day activities you can enable text ahead or email notifications as a new added benefit.  It helps us ensure we aren’t disrupting your planned activities for your yard and it also helps us maintain better efficiency.

Knowing Helps!

Knowing when we are going to be servicing your property is something we feel you should know ahead of time. It’s not always easy to call ahead as it consumes time we’d prefer to use for improving landscapes and creating the results you are looking for. If you’d like to set up SMS or text ahead notifications so you are in the know keep reading.

Setting up these notifications is extremely easy and we’re excited to now offer this added benefit to all of our customers.

 How it works

Once set up, services are dispatched to our technicians and once dispatched we have the ability to send a message to all customers who are scheduled to receive service that day. Since we work with Mother Nature, we can’t always guarantee that we will be there the day you receive the message. However, we will tell you within the next 3 days that we will be arriving.

If you would like to set up text ahead notifications for your account there are just a few things we will need.


Setting up alerts is easy!

We just need a few things to get your account configured.  1.  A valid email address.  We will send you a confirmation.  2.  A cell phone that can receive SMS text messages.  Click the link to the right and fill out the form.  We’ll send you a confirmation through email and a text message so you can add our SMS phone number to your contacts.  Please check your spam folder if you don’t receive our email as you will want to ensure is on your approved email list.  If you have any questions you can reply to our SMS phone number.

Enjoy simpler communication and scheduling for your services!