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Customer reviews and success stories are extremely important to us!  Your words matter to others and we wan’t to tell everyone.  We know that the results speak for themselves.  However, hearing it directly from a satisfied customer is something that can make a lasting impression.  Here is an example of a Google review from one of our happy customers.

Ryan Fitch: This is my first year using Green Thumb Lawn Services and I couldn’t be happier. The billing is effortless. The technicians are amazing. They talk me through the problems they see with my lawn during each visit. In just this first year they transformed my lawn from a thin ugly weed filled lawn to a thick lush dark green beauty. If you listen to their recommendations and cut your grass high you will get great results. Their price is very reasonable for the quality you get. I highly recommended them. It’s well worth it..

If you are happy with our services and would give us a “positive” review we would sincerely appreciate it.  We will choose 1 customer from our google reviews to win free services 4 times per year.  We want to give back for those who are advocates of our service and our efforts to improve our environment that we all enjoy!  Just click the link below and when we do the drawing we’ll let everyone know who won!

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Click the link below and you will be taken to our google reviews page.  You don’t need to write much.  We just ask that you provide some experiences you may have had and the positive results you witnessed.  Talk about our technicians, the results or anything that you think would help another individual decide to consider our services.