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The Build Program

A soil first approach to building a productive soil.  Homeowners today understand the need to be good stewards of our environment.  We’ve developed this program to address concerns about the environment by working with Mother Nature.  Simply put, it’s a sustainable hybrid approach to lawn care.

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Organically based biostimulants to feed your soil.

Our approach to turfgrass management (lawn care) has evolved over the 30+ years we have been in business. Our goal with any of our clients is to design customized programs to reach their goals while working with Mother Nature. Sustainability is our #1 priority and that involves not just feeding turfgrass but managing your soil biology as well. Any lawn care program must work on both the soil and the health of the grass plant to achieve long-term results. This is vital for any sustainable program to work.

What is the “Build” program?

Have you had a service for years with minimal results? It’s probably a soil problem! Our NEW biostimulant package of individual services builds on top of any basic fertility program to work on the soil allowing your soils microbiology to awaken! Using highly refined organic based biostimulants, we will begin adjusting your “dirt” into productive soil. This increases the overall health of your turfgrass allowing it to withstand drought conditions, thicken, fight against fungus, drive roots deeper, retain moisture better, build organic matter through root cycling, aerate and expand your soil microscopicaly so it can breathe and much more.  Sustainable approaches should be the focus of anyone looking to manage their landscapes health and appearance. This program addresses those concerns by working with Mother Nature.

7 Steps to success!

Our seven separate visits will awaken your soil and build its biology.  This program reduces the fertilizer inputs reducing excessive top growth.  That means less mowing!  3 balanced fertilizer visits and 4 biostimulant visits.  We will spot manage as necessary any broadleaf weeds during our 3 fertility visits.  Scouting for issues and alerting you of any concerns is part of this program.

Our Approach to Turf Management

A thick dense turf stands fights off insect, disease and other stresses. Currently, many approaches provide only food for the grass along with weed and pest management. Feeding the grass is important until recently our industry has been focused on excessive fertilization. The “foundational” problem most lawns face is THE SOIL! Our approach to turf management addresses these issues in a sustainable eco-friendly way using the latest in organic-based biostimulant options along with weed and pest management approaches where necessary while reducing fertilizer and chemical inputs and harnessing nutrients currently unavailable.

Did you know, IPM (Integrated Pest Management) is what we live by when managing our client’s properties? Using the latest medical grade technologies, we use 85% – 90% fewer controls than other service providers.

What are Biostimulants?

Using biostimulants are a “Hybrid” approach to sustainable lawn care.

This approach builds any soil type by harnessing the microbiology, aerating the soil, increasing water infiltration and oxygen movement, releases macro and micronutrients in the soil, drives roots deeper, promotes thickening, increases cation exchange, improves drought resistance, assists in disease suppression, adds a valuable carbon source to the soil, produces a darker green plant color and stimulates the microbial activity in the soil. The way Mother Nature intended.  Nothing you would get from a “franchise discount” approach to lawn care.

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A Few Common Turfgrass Insects

A Few Common Turfgrass Fungi

A Few Common Turfgrass Weeds

A Few Additional Common Turfgrass Problems

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Click Sign up now and we’ll dispatch a technician to visit your site, understand your goals & provide recommendations and pricing if requested.