Flea & Tick Management

While in the immature stages, deer ticks pass the Lyme Disease bacteria to and from the mice and other animals they feed on.

Tick Habitats: Where Do They Reside?

Ticks flourish in cool, damp forests where tree cover offers shade and protection, and low brush and leaf litter provide ideal hiding places. In their larval stage, they require a blood meal to survive, often sharing habitats with mice, birds, and deer as they use them as hosts.

Adult ticks climb tall grasses or bushes, extending their front limbs (questing) to latch onto passing animals or people. Once attached to fur or clothing, the tick seeks an optimal feeding site and embeds its barbed mouthparts into the host’s skin.

Ticks can also be found in woodpiles, overgrown fields, and untidy tree lines. Although they prefer wooded areas, ticks can enter homes or businesses on pets, clothing, or lawn equipment

Avoiding Tick Habitats

To deter ticks from infesting your property, maintain trimmed lawns and remove piles of leaves and grass clippings. Ticks can transmit serious illnesses such as Lyme disease, and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Contact us for assistance if you suspect a tick problem in or around your home or business.

Our Flea & Tick Management Strategy

Our tick management program comprises three targeted visits to your property. These treatments focus on tick harborages and vegetative areas within your property boundaries, such as bushes, shrubs, lawns, and perimeter vegetation. These areas are where ticks typically “quest” for passing hosts.

We employ customized equipment designed explicitly for managing landscape pests, ensuring the protection of you and your loved ones. Our advanced equipment outperforms traditional backpack misters, penetrating deep into the vegetation and leaf litter where mist blowers cannot reach. This thorough coverage is essential for effective tick management.

The key is penetrating thick vegetation up to 4-5 feet off the ground, where ticks wait for unsuspecting hosts. Wildlife may traverse your property in Maine, potentially depositing ticks in your landscape. Our program protects your property throughout the season with just three visits. Our objective is to manage existing ticks in your landscape and provide ongoing protection, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors worry-free. Our treatments are naturally derived and odorless, typically lasting up to 30 days, depending on environmental factors.

Ready to begin?

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