Winter Services

What you need to know

Plowing in the winter months when the ground is not frozen is difficult at best.  In order for us to clear driveways to your specifications, we need to open them as wide as possible in anticipation of significant snowfall amounts.  Many of you require snow to be placed in specific areas.  As a result, Green Thumb Lawn Service will not be responsible for damage to turf and other related areas.  Obviously, any damage to structures is our responsibility, as long as these are visible or marked.  It is your responsibility to mark structures to be avoided that may not otherwise be visible during the season.

If we are expecting significant snowfall, please move your vehicles, so we may appropriately plow your drives.  This will be to your benefit in that you will not need a return visit from us and incur an extra charge.

How we plow

We begin our first plow at approximately 2″-3” of snowfall.  We will continue to plow every 6” until the storm has finished.  We are constantly monitoring the weather pattern and we’ll do our best to minimize the number of visits you receive from us.


  • Since most storms begin late in the evening, we try to make our first plow around 4 -6 am.  This way we can open up areas for folks to get to work in the morning.  Please note: Sometimes the rate at which snow accumulates is difficult to keep up with but our focus is to keep your drive clear for morning and evening commutes.
  • We will not wait until the end of each storm to plow our customers as this causes unnecessary wear and tear on our equipment.
  • We are not responsible for plow damage to un-marked areas and turf.  If you do not wish to take the chance on any turf damage then plowing is not recommended for your property.  We do however try to keep it to a minimum.
  • We do not provide a shoveling service.  If you need your walks cleared, you’ll need to find other means.  However, if there are an emergency one of our techs will be happy to help.
  • Please keep vehicles in a location that is not obstructing the plow path we usually take.  If we cannot access your drive entirely and can only open up the end of your drive, you will incur a charge for a return visit to finish the job.
  • We do not accept ON-CALL accounts.  You are either on our scheduled route or not at all.  You must plan ahead.  If you wish to contact us at the end of the storm to request service, we will only provide that service to our current customers who are currently on our route list.  If you are leaving for a vacation or period of time and would like us to maintain your drive for a given period, then we would be happy to provide that service so long as you notify us about it in advance of any storms.

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