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While in the immature stages, deer ticks pass the Lyme Disease bacteria to and from the mice and other animals they feed on.

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As most people know, the deer tick can infect people and animals with Lyme Disease. Naturally then, when most people think of the disease, they think of deer and deer ticks. Deer do serve as hosts to the deer tick, but they are passive hosts. The most important players in the spread of Lyme Disease is the white-footed mouse and chipmunk. These rodents primarily harbor the bacteria that cause Lyme Disease. Ticks pick up the bacteria when they feed on the blood of infected animals.

While in the immature stages, deer ticks pass the Lyme Disease bacteria to and from the mice and other animals they feed on.

During the tick nymph stage they may also feed on humans and pets. At this point, the ticks are light in color and no bigger than pinheads, so they’re extremely difficult to see and can easily go undetected.

The risk of Lyme disease peaks in July.

There are measures you can take to reduce the risk of Lyme Disease on your property. This involves making your landscape less attractive to mice and deer and less hospitable to ticks. Keep piles of firewood and bird feeders away from your home. Remove leaf litter when it builds up. Trim trees and bushes to allow more light to enter shady landscapes.

When locating children’s playsets, choose areas that are sunny where the grass can be kept short. Keep in mind, though, that these measures are not going to rid your property of mice and ticks, a single mouse can potentially carry more than 100 deer ticks. Attempting to control the outdoor population of mice is futile, but you can control the ticks.

Our Flea and Tick Management program consists of 3 visits to your property during the spring, late spring and late summer seasons. We treat your lawn, bushes, and perimeter vegetative areas with a no odor product that manage and repel for up to 30 days. These three visits protect your property from ticks and fleas. Keeping your family pets and loved ones safe from contracting disease.

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