Soil Conditioner

When lawns aren’t responding well to standard treatments or seeding services are being performed additional nutrients, and soil building elements may be necessary. We’ve spent many years researching and testing products to provide other benefits with a sustainable approach.

The “Root” Cause of many lawn problems

What it does

Our soil conditioner organic-based fertilizer can be used to top-dress a lawn and add carbon sources to help improve soil microbiology and further build the humus layer in any lawn. Good soil health should be the focus of anyone looking to improve the health of their landscape. This product may also be used as a booster treatment to stimulate the biology of your soils.
Our sustainably produced, low impact, high-performance turf, and ornamental fertilizer can produce dramatic results in one application. This granular product supplies what soils need to become a healthy, sustainable, functional micro-environment to produce highly functioning turfgrass. It is an organic-based high carbon homogeneous blend containing bio-char, humates, sea kelp plus macro and micronutrients.

Benefits of this service include

  • Increased macro & micro-nutrient efficiency.
  • Increased root-mass development. -Improved soil carbon levels.
  • Enhanced bioavailability of soil-locked nutrients.
  • It provides balanced micro-nutrient complexes.
  • It contains plant hormones to help withstand drought stress.

In addition to carbon sources and nutrients, you’ll realize increased rooting and decreased stress caused by heat and drought. The biological materials will aid in spring green-up, to buffer and extend nitrogen release rates, plus adds oxygen to the soil profile for greater nutrient uptake. Applied at any time of the season. Twice per year is our recommendation to give your lawn a dramatic boost in color, turf density and overall plant and soil health.



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