Vegetation Management

Whatever your scenario is on your property, we can help you manage unwanted vegetation and noxious (dangerous or non-native) weeds that can threaten health and safety all season long!

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Excessive vegetation growth on your property can lead to any number of problems, including unsightly appearances, unsanitary conditions, fire hazards, and employee discomfort. Uncontrolled weeds along fences, building perimeters, landscape beds, walkways, cracks in the asphalt, stone areas & more can detract from the image of your structure. Thick weeds provide homes for rodents and other pests that can invade storage areas or food preparation facilities. In late summer and early fall, large concentrations of dry weeds can pose a threat of fire.  Overgrown weeds, grasses, and other brush can clog up drainage ditches or sewers, covering land areas with water and creating breeding grounds for mosquitoes.  Let us help you manage the weeds all season long!


Landscape Beds

Landscape beds around homes and other landscape areas are designed for curb appeal. When weeds begin to grow in these areas it creates a maintenance nightmare as well as detracting from the desired appearance. We typically start with preventative treatment that creates a barrier early in the season within the top 2” of soil preventing weeds from germinating for up to 4 months. Sometimes breakthrough occurs, if that happens, with our additional visits we will manage any invaders with a spot treatment. All of these treatments will not harm your current plantings. Typically 3 visits per season are all that is required.

Bare Ground Service

Fence lines, gravel areas, dirt driveways, walkways, parking lots, baseball baselines and other areas, industrial sites, drip lines and other areas are usually areas that need to be kept clear of all vegetation. Our bare ground service will eliminate and suppress vegetation all season long. This usually can be done with a single treatment in the early spring. Using environmentally friendly products that can manage actively growing weeds and grass as well as suppress for most of the growing season. 

If signing up during the growing season we can control existing vegetation and prevent it for the rest of the season with one treatment.

Noxious Weed Abatement

Poisonous weeds like poison ivy, cow parsnip, and others can threaten the health of children at schools, around homes, public areas and landscapes. Using selective options, we can manage these plants to keep your environment free of risk.

State and local governments have a responsibility to keep the public safe.  Awareness is key!  Knowing that there are poisonous plants in Maine is the first step.  If you are unsure of a plant in your yard getting proper identification before venturing through the brush can prevent injury.

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Sign up for a free site visit and job site analysis.  We will dispatch one of our trained technicians to review your job site, they will measure and inspect the areas of concern.  After, they will follow up with a detailed quote and recommendations for you.  

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