Soil Conditioner Project

Soil Rehab

This was a new construction install only a few years old.  With most new constructions, lawn installations are typically the last thing on the budget.  Most of the funds are used for the building of the home and the lawn and landscape tend to take a back seat.  When this happens the foundation of lawns are not built properly.  Meaning the amount of topsoil applied is usually very thin and can sometimes lack the proper organic matter to sustain a healthy stand of turfgrass.  

This lawn grew in fairly well however, the base was more sand and rock than organic matter.  Any organic matter that was there before the lot was cleared was either removed or destroyed from the heavy excavators and other equipment that moved around to build the home.  In an effort to rehabilitate the topsoil for the lawn our “Soil Conditioner” was applied on September 26, 2019.  After only 8 days you can see the results.  

These results continued to thicken and grow the lawn as well as drive root systems and develop fine root hairs.  These root hairs and root systems will be deposited into the soil profile and after overwintering will die back.  This die back is important in that the following seasons, microbial populations will eat and digest the dead root materials depositing nutrient rich organic matter for the existing grass plants.  This “root cycling effect” is KEY in re building the topsoil.  Not only does the Soil Conditioner thicken the grass, it also builds the soil profile to better retain moisture, harbor beneficial microorganisms and sets the stage for the long term health of the lawn.

What’s amazing about our Soil Conditoner is this is only after 7 days!  Imagine what will happen when this add on service is applied multiple times per year…


Soil Conditioner

Our soil conditioner organic-based fertilizer can be used to topdress a lawn and add carbon sources to help improve soil microbiology and further build the humus layer in any lawn. Good soil health should be the focus of anyone looking to improve the health of their landscape. This product may also be used as a booster treatment to stimulate the biology of your soils.


SEP, 26 – OCT, 4 2019


Soil Conditioner


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