Terms & Conditions of Use


Services provided by Green Thumb Lawn Service are automatic unless other arrangements have been agreed upon.  Invoices and receipts of services are provided to you after services are completed. Service schedules automatically renew from season to season.  YOU MUST COMMUNICATE YOUR DESIRE TO PAUSE OR CANCEL SERVICES BEFORE THE DAY OF SERVICE TO YOUR PROPERTY.  We may require payment for services previously agreed upon due to unnecessary expenses and scheduling complications incurred by us.  


Payments for services rendered are due on receipt. Services will pause for payments beyond our 30-day threshold unless prior arrangements have been made.  We will communicate via email, text, phone, and mailing reminders to accounts past due.  Failure to keep your account status current will result in a transfer to collections processing.  Once an account is sent to collections, we will no longer be able to work with you for resolution.  Maintaining an active credit or debit card on your account or prepaying will prevent service interruptions and this form of communication.  Payments for services rendered will be processed on Fridays for services completed days prior.  If you require special arrangements, don’t hesitate to contact our offices at 207-989-1433 or email us at comments@gtlawnservice.com so we can help.


Upon initial request for our services, Green Thumb will perform an on-site or off-site audit of your property to determine the following: Service area(s), health concerns, obstacles, target areas, or sensitive areas.  We maintain detailed records of service history, photos, issues, concerns, and specific client correspondence.  After our site audit, we’ll provide a proposal of services based on customer goals and our recommendations.  Upon your agreement, services will begin and recur annually unless otherwise agreed upon.  


During the growing season, our office is staffed to answer incoming questions during the daytime hours via phone, email, mail, and SMS.  Whenever concerns arise, please communicate with us immediately so we may assess the concern and recommend action steps for resolution.  We are a premium service, and your communication with us is VITAL to all of our success.  Mother Nature can be unpredictable, and short communication time with us for disease, pests, and other factors are paramount to our success in your satisfaction.  


You can count on us for recommendations and management services during the season. In turn, it is your responsibility to properly water, mow and maintain your landscape. We must function as a team.  Improper mowing and the inability to properly water or follow the instructions provided at the time of service can result in damage,  loss, or stress to your plants. Upon agreement of your service(s) proposal and when services occur, our technicians may randomly inspect service areas or provide guidance or recommendations when necessary.  We will leave paperwork instructions and any recommendations on-site or via digital or postal mail.  You must maintain up-to-date contact information with us so we may effectively support each other to achieve your goals.  During each season, management will randomly provide quality inspections of properties. 


Once you sign up with Green Thumb Lawn Service, you are protected by our 100% satisfaction guarantee!  We are 100% committed to your satisfaction.  If you feel unhappy, all it takes is a call or email, and we’ll be out to your property to assess what has occurred and develop solutions to get things back on track!  We provide solutions, not excuses.