Seeding Terms & Conditions

SEEDING AGREEMENT: By accepting the Seeding Agreement with Green Thumb Lawn Service, you acknowledge and agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this document. Your cooperation and adherence to these guidelines are crucial to the success of your newly seeded lawn.

WEATHER CONDITIONS & UNFORESEEN EVENTS: Green Thumb Lawn Service recognizes that factors like temperature, environmental conditions, and issues related to pests, diseases like snow mold, excessive activity, heavy rains, or improper maintenance can influence the success of a seeding project. While we make every effort to monitor weather forecasts and plan our work accordingly, accurately predicting Mother Nature and unforeseen weather events remains a challenge. Green Thumb Lawn Service cannot be held responsible for any damages or complications arising from these unpredictable situations. Our commitment is to work harmoniously with Mother Nature within our short seeding window, always aiming to deliver the best possible service under the prevailing circumstances and timelines.

AFTER-CARE: Proper aftercare is vital to the success of your newly seeded lawn. Clients are responsible for correctly watering, mowing, and properly maintaining their property. Failure to follow the provided guidelines may result in damage or loss of the seeded area. Below are our guidelines.

WATERING: Consistent and adequate watering is essential for seed germination and growth. Clients must ensure the seeded area remains moist during daylight for the first 2-4 weeks. 2-3 waterings per day. Inconsistent watering (skipping days) can result in failure or reduced germination rates. Green Thumb Lawn Service recommends using automated timers and oscillating sprinkler heads to facilitate proper watering by mimicking natural rainfall.
MOWING & MAINTENANCE: Clients must adhere to the suggested mowing guidelines, which include following the 1/3rd rule and modifying mowing frequency based on grass growth rate. Appropriate fertilization and pest management are crucial for a robust and flourishing lawn. When your seedlings reach a height of 4 inches, we advise you to make the first cut. Avoid using heavy ride-on equipment for the initial few mowings, as it will harm the seedlings. Additionally, excessive foot traffic, including pets and wildlife, can negatively affect uniform germination.
COOPERATION & RESPONSIBILITY: A successful seeding project requires teamwork between Green Thumb Lawn Service and the client. Clients are responsible for following these guidelines and maintaining open communication with Green Thumb Lawn Service in case of any concerns or issues.

GUARANTEE: While Green Thumb Lawn Service is committed to your satisfaction and aims to provide solutions, please be aware that we cannot offer a specific guarantee for seeding projects due to various factors beyond our control. If you encounter any issues with your seeding project, please contact us immediately. We will assess the situation and develop strategies to put your lawn on the best path. Our dedication to your satisfaction means we will do our utmost to assist you if any challenging situations arise.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: By approving our proposal for you are agreeing to this Seeding Agreement, you recognize and comprehend that the success of your seeding project hinges on appropriate aftercare and maintenance, along with a collaborative effort between you and Green Thumb Lawn Service. Please comply with these terms to avoid increased expenses or diminished outcomes for your seeding project.