Turf Management

We’ve been growing high-quality lawns and solving issues for Maine residents, businesses and municipalities for over 34 years! 

Pest Management

Why hire an expensive exterminator when you already have one right in your back yard?

Vegetation Management

Sometimes it grows where it’s not wanted.  We’ll help you fix that temporarily or all season long. 

We help people solve their lawn and landscape pest problems.

When it comes to lawns, keeping pests out of your yard, or managing vegetation in your landscape, you can depend on Green Thumb Lawn Services. Our professional lawn care and pest management programs and experienced technicians will work with you to develop solutions your family will enjoy. And, since we’re a local family-owned company, we can take the time to get to know you and your individual preferences. You can depend on us to deliver what your lawn and landscape really need…when they need it…all season long.

Ready to begin?

Sign up for a free site visit and job site analysis.  We will dispatch one of our trained technicians to review your job site, they will measure and inspect the areas of concern.  After, they will follow up with a detailed quote and recommendations for you.  

Case Studies

Turfgrass Management

Professional Lawn Care

There’s no job too large or too small.  Feeding grass plants from the soil up.  Our focus is sustainability through building soil profiles.  It’s a “foundational” approach that works with Mother Nature. 

Organic Options & Soil Amendments

sustainable options

We can reduce environmental impact and dramatically improve results through the use of organic amendments for lawns and manage disease-carrying pests as well.

Pest Management

If they bug you, they bug us!

Professional pest management service doesn’t have to be expensive and it typically doesn’t require a year-round approach. 

Support & Diagnosis

Experience that matters

Our licensed and trained technicians know what problems exist and how to manage them.  We’ve got the solutions to your problems.  You’ve now got the toolset to deal with them. 

Vegetation Management

reduce labor and increase safety

Our vegetation management services help you reduce trimming, eliminate pest harboring sites, reduce fire hazards and protect your family from poisonous plants common to Maine.


We have over 34 years of happy customers

The reason for this is because we genuinely care about you and your happiness.  We don’t treat you like a number.  You are treated as you’d expect, with empathy and understanding for whenever you have a concern. 

Latest News

Secrets for a Heat-Resistant Lawn

Secrets for a Heat-Resistant Lawn

Your Lawn's Success Depends on Its Foundation In the cool state of Maine, the key to a flourishing lawn, especially those with cool-season grass, lies in the foundation. The grass in this region thrives in 55-65 degrees weather. However, when temperatures rise, stress...

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Free Download!  Tick Fact Sheet for Maine

Free Download! Tick Fact Sheet for Maine

If you're worried about Ticks in Maine, we have all the information you need. Every spring, we receive numerous questions and concerns about Tick management. To address this, we have created a comprehensive fact sheet that covers the most common questions we receive...

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