Crabgrass Management

To win the war against crabgrass, combine professional care with good follow-up practices.

Management is the “key” word

How it works

Thousands of seeds are produced each year from the previous season. Since crabgrass is an annual, it matures in the summer, creates thousands of seeds, dies, and leaves the seeds for the following year. The trick is to keep the seeds from germinating. Action needs to be taken early in the season before soil temperatures reach 55 degrees. Once seeds have germinated, aggressive crabgrass plants can take over your lawn.

Professional treatment includes treatment of a product when watered in by rainfall or supplemental sprinkling, creates a barrier against sprouting crabgrass plants.

It’s important to keep this barrier intact by not raking and by applying water to keep the soil from drying out and cracking. Be sure not to cut your lawn short. Such “scalping” leads to grass thinning, making it easier for crabgrass and other weeds to flourish. For the same reason, don’t get too aggressive with your string trimmer or blade edger.

Our crabgrass management service is much different than standard procedures. We automatically provide 2 FREE follow up spot treatments for any breakthrough that may occur. Due to the heavy rainfall in the spring, it’s not uncommon for this to happen. We stand behind our services, and this is why we take the additional step of follow up visits automatically.

Healthy, dense turf chokes out crabgrass and other weeds, the best defense against these unwanted plants is to combine a lawn fertility program with the crabgrass management plan. Proper mowing and watering practices to promote vigorous growth is also vital to turf health and overall density.


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