Home Defense Program

In making your home comfortable for your family, you also make it attractive to insects searching for a pleasant environment.

Introducing the Home Defense Barrier Program

Pest infiltration in residential spaces often occurs through tiny gaps and openings, as insects seek sustenance or warmth. To combat this issue, we offer our comprehensive Home Defense Barrier Program, designed to safeguard your property from unwanted intruders. This program entails a series of strategically scheduled visits to your property during which our team applies a non-intrusive, odorless treatment to the base of your building’s foundation and the surrounding ground area. This protective barrier remains effective for up to 30 days, providing consistent protection.

Proactive Pest Control: The Key to Success

Dealing with insect infestations can be a frustrating and distressing experience. Fortunately, our Home Defense Barrier Program serves as the foundation for any customized pest management solution. In many cases, this program alone is sufficient for addressing pest issues, eliminating the need for costly interventions from pest control companies that require entry into your home. By implementing a preventative program at the onset of each season, you can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that bothersome insects will no longer be a concern in your living space.

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