Fungus Management

Disease can take away from the looks and health of your lawn!

Protect Your Lawn from Fungal Diseases

Understanding Fungal Lawn Diseases

Fungal infections are among the most challenging lawn-damaging pests to handle. Hundreds of diseases can affect your turf, with some causing minor harm and others capable of destroying an entire lawn in a short period.

Disease Transmission: Foot, Water, and Air

Fungal spores can spread in various ways, such as on lawnmower wheels, children’s shoes, water droplets from rainfall or watering, and through the wind. Disease organisms are present in every lawn; the key is to prevent them from gaining the upper hand.


The Best Approach to Maintaining a Healthy Lawn: To minimize disease risks, maintain a healthy lawn through proper feeding, mowing, watering, and thatch control. Some grass types are more resistant to fungal infections; consider planting disease-resistant varieties when seeding your lawn.


Focusing on Disease Control: Lawn disease treatments typically do not eliminate the disease entirely. Instead, they aim to suppress its activity for several days to weeks, allowing your grass to recover or for weather conditions to change. Multiple treatments may be necessary to keep the disease in check.

If you suspect your lawn may be affected by turf disease or need assistance in managing it, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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