Broadleaf Weed Management

Even the most beautiful lawn is likely to have weeds appear at some point.

If they’re a problem for you, they are a problem we solve

What are weeds?

First we need to determine specifically what is a weed anyway?   If the property owner doesn’t want it growing where it is, it’s a weed. 

There are two types of “weed plants” we deal with in Maine.  Monocots & Dicots.  Monocots are the grass variety and Dicots are the broadleaf variety.  There are many different characteristics that we use to determine what specific plant they are.  Understanding that there are two different varieties and that they must be managed differently is what is most important.

Preventing weeds

The best management approach for undesirable plants or “weeds” in a lawn is to maintain a thick and dense turf stand.  This can be achieved by proper mowing and watering practices and proper nutrition of the desirable plants.  When these approaches fail we can then consider other options to specifically target just those plants.  

In this sense it’s important to understand the different varieties.  Chemistry of control methods are complex and there are many different options.  When you rely on a company like Green Thumb Lawn Service, we can take that concern out of the equation.  In the end the two different varieties require two different chemistries to manage.  

If you have plants (weeds) in your lawn or landscape that are undesirable, let us know and we can recommend the correct solution for your lawn or landscape.


Ready to begin?

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