Mechanical Aeravation

An aera-vator is a solid steel tine implement used to loosen most of the soil profile up to a depth of 3” – 5”.

Excessive compaction requires mechanical help

What it does

Most everyone understands the need for regular feeding, weed management and proper mowing and watering in maintaining a thick, green, beautiful lawn. Did you know that aeration is just as necessary as any of these? The benefits of aeration aren’t just here today and gone tomorrow. They continue for months after being performed and work together with all the other services your lawn receives throughout the year.

When clay soils become compacted due to excessive foot traffic, sporting events, high traffic public areas or abuse from heavy equipment standard aeration won’t be able to fix the amount of compaction that exists.

In these cases, aggressive loosening of the soil profile becomes necessary. This is when an aera-vator is required. An aera-vator is a solid steel tine implement used to loosen most of the soil profile up to a depth of 3” – 5”. A heavy duty tractor is required to run an implement such as this to loosen the soil as it requires hydraulic down pressure in addition to horsepower. It is best utilized during the summer months when the soil is dryer than usual. An aera-vator will fracture and loosen the soil allowing water, nutrients and beneficial oxygen to penetrate to the root zone of grass plants. This machine vibrates at high speed in the top few inches of the soil fracturing, loosening, and lifting the plants. Not all lawns require this aggressive service. However, in certain circumstances it is necessary. Since it is a solid steel tine machine and doesn’t remove cores, you will not experience the unsightly dirt cores left on the soil surface. It also leaves your grass plants uninjured, so they may grow without resistance from compacted soils.

Our aera-vation service will get your lawn back on track and allow plants to begin growing healthy again in a short time frame. 


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